I’m a Christian high schooler who loves writing, drawing, reading, and playing music.  I live in the Pacific Northwest with my parents and younger sister.  Also, I’m a big Star Wars/Clone Wars fan who doesn’t like coffee.  I’m more of a tea person.

My CC experience: I’ve gone through Challenge A and B, five years of Foundations and Memory Masters, and three years of Essentials.  In my last year of Foundations, I completed National Memory Masters (click here for info about NM2).  I’ve also done four weeks of Challenge I.

Currently, I am enrolled in a public high school, but I do have a lot of experience with CC.  I hope this blog helps you!

What I’ll be writing about:  Here I’ll be posting tips and encouragement to help you with Classical Conversations, specifically the Challenge Program (if you want my take on the Foundations and Essentials programs, or anything concerning CC, feel free to contact me).  This blog is all about how to conquer Challenge!

Please note that I am in no way paid by Classical Conversations.  This blog is my complete honest take, raves and rants alike.